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Smart bib® ""Animals in autumn"" - brown

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Mon Joli Bavoir is a bit like the story of a mother and her life routine. Dresses with tomato sauce, shirts with chocolate cream, it’s a bit of all that at the same time!

And then, one day, in front of a plate of ravioli I had the big idea: a soft, waterproof bib, with a catcher pocket, as pleasant for baby as it is practical for parents: the “clever bib”!< /p>

Today at the head of this lovely ""story"", and accompanied by 3 nuggets who make up the Mon Jolie Bavoir team, I create the prototypes in my workshops near Lille, in Hauts de France. For each of the stages of manufacturing, I am accompanied by the best French companies, to design a pretty bib 100% Made In France, quality and durable!

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Feeding your very young child is certainly a time of pleasure but also a fairly serious task. One of the main challenges is getting your little one to eat their fill, while keeping them clean.

To achieve this performance every time as every parent wishes, we suggest you use the smart bib. The smart bib will satisfy you well beyond your expectations because it has certain very important characteristics:

A waterproof bib

Whatever type of food and drink you give your child, their clothes will remain immaculate during their meal. The smart bib doesn't let anything filter through. The smart bib is made with a special fabric made from 100% phthalate-free PVC coated cotton. It is this fabric that ensures perfect waterproofing.

A bib with a removable pocket

The smart bib has a removable pocket that can collect all the food that your child drops on him. You can remove the bag after a meal and clean it easily. This allows your child to become independent quickly, without being stressed about having to clean the table around them that might have been dirty. All excess food falls into the pocket of the bib, leaving a clean place once the meal is finished.

A very easy to clean bib

All it takes is a wipe to make your child's smart bib sparkling clean. You can therefore use it several times a day to feed your son or daughter with complete peace of mind.

Product Details


Data sheet

Color :
Bavoir marron
Bavoir vert
Pattern :
Type :
Bavoir malin
Material :
100% coton enduit PVC sans phtalates
Manufacturing :
Age :
de 6 mois à 3 ans

Notre engagement

100% Français

Le logo Origine France Garantie est une certification qui garantit que nos produits sont fabriqués en France.

Ce label assure donc bien que nos bavoirs sont à 100% confectionnés en France. 

Cela soutient l'économie locale et garantit une qualité et une traçabilité élevées de nos produits.
En choisissant ces produits, vous contribuez à valoriser le savoir-faire français et à promouvoir l'emploi dans notre pays.

Tous nos produits sont conçus et fabriqués en France.

Design, conception, impression du tissu, enduction PVC, étiquette...et bien sûr la confection dans nos 3 ateliers de couture partenaires, situés dans les Hauts-de-France.

Nous utilisons les talents de différentes régions françaises pour vous proposer des produits 100% made in France ! 

Choisir nos produits, c'est encourager les entreprises françaises, mais aussi le textile français ! C'est choisir un produit de qualité et durable.

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